And now, a word from our sponsors…

As we mentioned in our first post, the project wall blog is sponsored by Trilog Group.

For those of you who are IBM customers, running Domino, Quickr (Domino or J), Websphere, or Lotus Connections, Trilog Group’s ProjExec 5.0 is the Social Project Management platform that is designed to work seamlessly with whichever part of the IBM collaboration stack you’re running.

Rather than a standalone project management system like MS Project, or any of the many, many web project management platforms that are out there, ProjExec 5.0 is designed to be an integrated component of your social collaboration context, rather than an island.

Check it out at ProjExec 5, Social Project Management for IBM Customers.

Now, back to our attempt at unbiased discussions of social project management :).


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