Social Project Management – help to make sure your Enterprise Social Implementation doesn’t fail.

Leading up to Lotusphere 2012, we are posting a few “core” concepts about ProjExec and Social Project Management.

There’s a lot of talk out there about the failure of enterprise social implementations, and it’s unfortunate. Until a short time ago, it actually took a pretty visionary company to look to enterprise social solutions. However, as we’ve posted before, simply putting in a large, integrated social platform like Jive SBS or IBM Connections will not drive adoption. Rather, until there’s a reason to use it, most people will only do the minimum that they need to in the platform to keep management happy.

Laurie Buczek identifies the key reason that enterprise social has failed – it hasn’t been integrated into the workflow. We noted before that the next big thing in social will be the integration of social software into the workflow of the company. When people do their work on the an application that is part of the social platform, they will begin to integrate that platform into their work. Mindful employees will identify new and better ways to do other processes, as they experience the power of the social-enabled workflow processes that the company provides.

Project management is a perfect process to integrate into a social platform, and to drive social adoption. Project teams are often spread across multiple units of an organization, which allows for the technology to be exposed to a wide audience quickly. Because large project teams are often distributed, the benefits of a social platform are more obviously observed, and adopted by people.

ProjExec provides social project management capabilities for the IBM Collaboration product family: IBM Lotus Quickr, IBM Connections and IBM LotusLive.

Tomorrow, we will discuss how ProjExec helps project teams to get projects completed.

ProjExec. Projects. Made social.

(This post was written by John Tripp, Social Project Management evangelist at Trilog Group)

Want to try social project management? ProjExec provides the embedded, social project management capability to your IBM-based social collaboration business. Check it out at

ProjExec is available for IBM Lotus Quickr, IBM Connections, IBM Websphere Portal, and in the IBM SmartCloud. Try it for free today! 


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