Lotusphere 2012 – ProjExec is Project Management for the IBM Collaboration Community

Lotusphere 2012 is a big event for Trilog (our sponsors), and for social project management for the enterprise. ProjExec is being featured at the conference, and will be demoed in several large sessions.

Projexec 5.1 is ready for delivery, and provides a full social project management solution for IBM Lotus Quickr and IBM Connections organizations, as well as ProjExec Live – the social project management solution embedded into the IBM LotusLive cloud platform. But for those new to it, what IS ProjExec?

Projects. Made Social.

ProjExec is a powerful social project management solution that seamlessly extends your chosen IBM Lotus collaboration platform. Social project management merges the power of online and open collaboration tools with the rigorous and robust tools that project managers require. ProjExec helps projects teams and their organizations get work done by getting people engaged, accelerating information sharing and making work observable across the enterprise social network, all while managing and guiding work based upon a real project plan.

Your Team. Engaged. Everywhere.

ProjExec includes the Project Wall – a shared project activity stream that gives a voice to everyone in the project community – from team member to project manager to partner or stakeholder.  Contributions to the project community become a living project history that is visible to all.  With a design purposefully similar to the Facebook user experience, the Project Wall empowers user engagement while ensuring that security and business constraints are managed with equal importance.

Also, ProjExec brings the social project experience to wherever your team works. It enables teams to innovate and execute projects better and faster using familiar tools like email and mobile devices

  • Email integration – sidebars for Notes, iNotes and Outlook simplify task management and reporting
  • Mobile support – work on the go with Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, Nokia, Android
  • Calendar integration – personal work management with project tasks fully integrated with Notes calendar.

Reporting. Socialized.

ProjExec makes even progress reporting a social experience with one click update of task progress from the Project Wall, your email, mobile device or – enterprise portal – to keep project status up to date simply and efficiently.  Just one click will update task status with automatic roll up and instant consolidation of project portfolio views.  Exception-based management and alerts help identify at a glance when anything is veering off plan so prompt corrective action can be taken.

Real Projects. Managed.

Social project management doesn’t mean sacrificing the robustness and rigor of professional project  management.  ProjExec is first and foremost an industrial strength project management solution. With ProjExec there is no rip and replace for project management professionals.

  • Compatibility with existing PM tools – complete bi-directional integration with Microsoft Project and other popular PM tools.
  • Scalable and secure – scales to accommodate large waterfall projects with thousands of tasks and users.
  • Embedded professional PM tools – visual Gantt editor, Resource management and Financial management modules ensure that ProjExec 5.0 is .complete and robust project management.
  • Cross-organization resource management locate qualified and available resources with seamless integration with Lotus Connections.

Business value. Delivered.

ProjExec lets you achieve repeatable success by supporting knowledge reuse and process improvement. Reusable project templates and the highly configurable design enable organizations to execute projects better and smarter using time-tested and rigorous project management methodologies fully integrated with a social collaboration dimension that fosters innovation, promotes participation, knowledge sharing and smarter collaboration.

In a recent study to determine Web 2.0 ROI, McKinsey found that Web 2.0 promotes significantly more flexible processes at internally networked organizations: respondents say that information is shared more readily and less hierarchically, collaboration across organizational silos is more common, and tasks are more often tackled in a project-based fashion. This highlights the strategic value of social project management as a key accelerator for social business adoption and value creation.

Platform availability

ProjExec is available for use with:

  • IBM Lotus Quickr 8.5
  • IBM Lotus Connections 3.0
  • IBM WebSphere Portal 6.1.5 and 7.0
  • Lotus Live

Social project management is the next wave in project management and delivery. If you are an IBM Collaboration customer, ProjExec is your path to Social Project Management for the enterprise.



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