Lotusphere 2012 and the Future of Email

Well, ProjExec was quite a hit at Lotusphere 2012.

IBM featured Trilog Group and ProjExec in the Opening General Session, and the product was demoed in numerous sessions. The Trilog Group pedestal was nearly constantly over capacity, and several customers purchased the product while it was being demoed.

But the highlight of the conference was the IBM Open Social throwdown, where the various features of ProjExec were demonstrated as an embedded experience in the IBM iNotes next-gen Open Social compatible client.

We recreated the demo that was done there, and we’ve posted it below. What this demo illustrates is that the concept of “email” will morph in the next few years, and that person-to-person direct messages will become just one of many kinds of communications that a user receives in their activity stream.

This doesn’t mean that “email” is dead, nor does it mean that email systems as they are today will continue.  The “email” client will be replaced by an “activity” client, where activities and communications from multiple contexts can be reviewed and managed. But more important, just as email has been the context in which to take action regarding direct person-to-person communication, the activity client must be the context from which action can be taken, regardless of the source context of the activity. This shifts the concept of what the boundaries of an application actually are, and really forces the issue of open standards adoption for everyone.



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